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Different producers and models of eight-port GbE switches

I've in the long run ended up longing for in excess of four accessible Ethernet ports in the workplace (the fifth is associated with the link headed ground floor, recall), so I've intermittently, though ineffectively each time, had a go at moving up to different producers and models of eight-port GbE switches … even to a TRENDNet TEG-S82g indistinguishable from the one ground floor. On the whole of these elective cases, the port associated with the link running ground floor never goes dynamic … strangely, it just works with this specific link in blend with the LG-Ericsson ES-1105G. 

Two days prior, I attempted to trade out the 50' strand of Cat5e link with a engineer salary strand, this time with flawless connector maintenance tabs on the two closures to wipe out the previously mentioned wriggling-out, a venture that was eventually fruitless because of the way that the opening directing the Ethernet link between floors is likewise being used by a force link (the finished drywall additionally holds an AC outlet pair) and a length of (presently unused) cajole link. Obviously, the Ethernet link is caught with the others nearby the opening, leaving me incapable to get it through … and having the substitution link taped to it doesn't improve the situation, by the same token. As should be obvious, and effective trade will include cutting an opening in the drywall, an undertaking that I'll presumably put aside for some other time (likely related to another project worker visit). 

Be that as it may, my new experimentation permitted me to investigate the current link without precedent for some time. I saw a few "peculiarities." The plastic sheath encompassing the wiring, for instance, has broken and disintegrated in different areas, both at the finishes (close to the connectors) and in a few middle areas 

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