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Quick Tips to Write a Pro Narrative Essay

A narrative essay expresses a story about your real-life experiences. Mostly this type of essay given to you by your teachers as an academic task to know your ability or the way that how you tell your story in write my essay task. It allows you to get creative and personal to compel the reader to read your whole story. This type of essay challenges students to make a personal statement so they can think about themselves. Unlike most academic essays, this essay tests your ability to involve the reader by explaining your story as vividly as possible. 


A well-crafted narrative essay follows an appropriate narrative structure which constructs towards making a personal statement or drawing a conclusion. This is the most interesting type of essay which allows you to think about where your story starts and ends, and how to deliver this story in eye-catching language. Narrative essays are usually written as a first-person ‘I’. This sentence helps the reader to engage because it gives them a feeling that they are part of the story.


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Useful tips to write a narrative essay

Remember when you are writing a narrative essay that you are sharing a story about your personal experience so it must be sensory while offering some kind of lesson to stir the heart of the reader. The purpose should not be only to tell the story interestingly but also to proffer to the significance of the experience.


  • Choose the words which are clear and colorful enough to help the reader feel the same feelings or emotions that you felt.
  • Make use of sequence or conflict as in every story.
  • Make sure that elements used in the story are supporting the point you are making in your essay. 
  • An argumentative essay is usually written as a first-person “I” but you can also use a third-person reference to make it more interesting. 
  • Add flashbacks and flashforwards to assist the story in a way that it can build towards the climax. 


A narrative essay usually tells a visual story from one person's point of view. It covers all the required story elements. A beginning, middle or ending, plot, characters, setting, and climax by taking them all together makes a complete story. But the main focus of a narrative essay is the plot where you should provide all the necessary details so it can build up a climax. You can also hire the writer by simply placing an order on the write essay for me website to get a 100% plagiarism-free authentic essay on any topic.


Here we show you how to build up a climax; 

  • Describe in chronological order
  • State the main purpose in your thesis statement
  • Use dialogue 
  • Write in detail and vividly describe your way back to the main point which the essay writer is making.

In the narrative essay writing process, if you think you need the help of some qualified professional to write your own story. 


Choose a topic

Narrative essay assignments have a wide variety of different directions. It may be asked as a 

  • Specific prompt
  • Open-ended prompt


Specific prompts

  • Write a story about your parent’s meeting day at school?
  • Tell a story about a memorable experience you had when you were traveling?
  • Describe the most difficult time you have encountered in your life?


Open-ended prompts

  • Write about an experience where you think that you’ve learned something new about yourself.
  • Write about an achievement that made you feel proud. What you accomplished, and how?


In both cases, you need to think efficiently about what story you have to tell. Choose the one with a particular theme or lesson. The story takes a surprising turn with some interesting facts too, in the end, it also comes up with a great lesson. 

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