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Article   1.  Research-based learning for undergraduate students in soil and water sciences : a case study of hydropedology in an arid-zone environment Add to my basket Remove from my basket
Al-Maktoumi, Ali. Journal of Geography in Higher Education . Vol. 40, no. 3, 2016.
الواصفات: Undergraduate students - Soil conservation - Student research - Science instruction - Teaching methods - Student evaluation - Oman
Thesis   2.  Cohesion and coherence in the essay writing of palestinian college students Add to my basket Remove from my basket
Abusharkh, Bassem. Hebron University Faculty of graduate studies. 2012
الواصفات: Writing - Student research - College students - Palestine
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Article   3.  Cultivating student agency and teachers as learners in one lebanese school Add to my basket Remove from my basket
Bahou, Lena. Educational Action Research. v20, n2, 2012.
الواصفات: Action research - Research methodology - Student research - Student role - Intervention - Student teacher relationship - Teacher role - Student participation - Student projects - Data collection - Empowerment - Lebanon

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