AU - Masood, Khaled Mahmoud AB - Improving the quality of educational programs in vocational training courses intends to help Palestinian entrepreneurship education grow. This also underscores the Palestinian Ministry of Education's endeavors to improve English language professional competence. The Ministry provides support to English technical education learners requiring assistance in language skills especially listening and professional communication. This research delves into the requirements for English courses (ESP) for vocational learners by providing a reassessment of the purpose and learning skills. The researcher obtains the data through a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The outcomes of research analysis on integrated effective communication (35%), sentence construction concerns (30%), cognitive processing (20%), content complexity (10%), and composition competence (5%). The pursued themes in learning English for vocational-technical education are basic technical terms (20%), expertise in technical discipline or profession (25%), a wide spectrum of professions (20%), professional lifestyle (20%), and industry-specific competencies (15%). Interactive computer activities are the most widely utilized concerning the incorporation of advanced technologies in English classes (40%), followed by jigsaw puzzles (20%), learning programs with a variety of choices (20 %), and fill-in-the-blanks dialogues or charts (20%). The interview with the English teachers reveals learners' urgent demand to develop their communicative competencies. They believe that changing the pedagogies of learning to suit the requirements of 21st-century advanced technology would help in fostering language performances. The researcher suggests conducting future studies related to course analysis to judge whether they meet the intended goals for teaching English to vocational learners. (Published abstract) OP - pp. 191-222 T1 - English language proficiency in fostering professional and vocational academic achievement : students' needs [Article] UL - Full text (PDF) 1