AU - Dawood, Ali Aziz AB - The aim of the research was comparison of physical fitness and sports activity of Iraqi students of the first and last years of study with mostly sedentary style of life. The research involved 88 students of the first year of study and 45 students of the last year (third y) of study of the University of Misan, Iraq. The researcher used basic some physical fitness test based on the international physical fitness test euro fit was used. In addition, sports activity questionnaire with 18 questions was filled out by the subjects. Results: almost all students assessed faculty conditions concerning equipment and facilities to practice sports activity as low or very low. Active students undertake sport trainings mostly out of their faculties. The motivation to undertake sports activity were: they like it, want to have a good health and to be slim, want to meet friends. They practice especially football, fitness exercises, walking, running, bicycle riding. Parents and teachers mostly do not encourage them to undertake sports activity. Students do not use alcohol, drugs. One sixth of them smoke cigarettes. The first and last year students did not differ in most of physical fitness tests, except handgrip. Older students were stronger to practice. Conclusions: the city and university administrations should establish places for all people in order to make environment prepared for exercising. It is necessary to undertake strong information action on positive influence of undertaking sports activity in order to become students and other young and older people more healthy and fit. (Published abstract) OP - pp. 485-495 T1 - The impact of practice physical and sports activity on the sedentary lifestyle of many students in Iraq [Article] UL - Full text (PDF) 1