AU - أبو عمرة، محمد أحمد عبد الله AU - الشبول، مهند أنور AU - العجلوني، خالد إبراهيم AU - الوريكات، منصور أحمد AU - أبو حميد، عاطف محمد AB - This study aimed at identifying the status quo of the electronic performance evaluation system (e-PER) for teachers at united nations relief and works agency (UNRWA) schools in Jordan from their point of view and their attitudes towards it. The study followed a descriptive approach, and its sample consisted of (273) males and females’ teachers for the scholastic year 2014/2015; the participants were chosen at random stratified form. A questionnaire was developed as a study tool to assess the e-PER for teachers at UNRWA schools in and to measure their attitudes towards it. The questionnaire consisted of (73) items divided into two main sections; the first part related to the status of the e-PER for teachers at UNRWA schools in Jordan, and consisted of (52) items; whereas the second part related to the teachers’ attitudes towards the e-PER, and consisted of (21) items. For the purpose of statistical analysis in answering the study questions, the arithmetic mean, and standard deviation are used, and (one-way ANOVA) and (t test) to determine the direction of differences. However, the validity and reliability tests were conducted for the study tools. The results of the study revealed that the degree of usage of e-PER by UNRWA schools’ teachers on the total score was medium; and the attitudes of those teachers towards the use of e-PER on the total score was neutral. The results of the study also showed the existence of statistically significant differences due to the effect of gender and years of experience variables, and had differences in favor of male teachers and in favor of less than five years’ experience; while it did not show differences into other domains. (Author's abstract) OP - أ-ل، 106 ص. T1 - واقع استخدام نظام تقييم الأداء الإلكتروني للمعلمين من وجهة نظرهم في مدارس وكالة الغوث الدولية في الأردن واتجاهاتهم نحوه [رسالة / أطروحة] UL - الصفحات الاولى من الدراسة (PDF) 5