AU - Bettaz, Mohamed AU - Kamal, Marwan AB - University faculty members need to be continuously provided with necessary knowledge and skills allowing them to address the challenges they face in their daily work. Indeed, they need not only to enhance their teaching and research capacity, but also to build other capabilities among which the capacity for planning and performing various quality-assurance activities. In this contribution, we propose and discuss some measures and actions aiming at involving faculty members into certain quality-assurance processes and related activities. This allows them to acquire the quality-assurance culture and competencies they need by doing instead of resorting to one-off passive induction training sessions, as this is usually the case in some higher-education institutions. Our proposal will be supported by some best-practice examples, learned from our participation in national and international quality-assurance projects and programs. (Author’s abstract) OP - pp. 277-288 T1 - On the quality assurance of faculty members [Chapter]