AU - السيد، محمد جاد السيد أحمد جاد AU - الحسين، محجوب محمد AB - The purpose of this study is to explore the causes leading to the low achievement in Arabic of grade six of Basic Education level in Southern Kordofan (Kadogli Locality as an example). To achieve this goal, a sample of 50 teachers is chosen, using a questionnaire composed of 39 items. The analysis of the collected data revealed the following conclusions as viewed by the subjects: The low achievement in the Arabic language is attributed to following factors: 1) The instability resulting from the war in the region. 2) The high illiteracy rate in the society. 3) The prevalent different languages. 4) Insufficient teacher training. 5) The content of the curriculum does not meet the basic requirements with regard to the background of the target group and the local environment. 6) The use of improper teaching methods. 7) The educational teaching aids are not satisfactory. Based on the findings of the study the following recommendations can be put forwards: 1)The society should be aware of the benefits of stability and the drawback of war. 2) Efforts should be made to reduce illiteracy rate to ensure improvement of Arabic achievement. 3) More efforts should be put to make Arabic the main spoken language. 4) Teachers should be trained professionally and financially upgraded, to ensure better performance. 5) Curriculum development should take into account the needs and desires of the target group. 6) Different teaching approaches should be followed in the teaching of Arabic in this region to suit the surrounding environment. 7) The use of audiovisual aids from local materials should be encouraged for effective learning outcomes. (Author’s abstract) OP - أ-ط، 75 ص. T1 - أسباب تدني التحصيل في مادة اللغة العربية لتلاميذ الصف السادس أساس في جنوب كردفان : محلية كادقلي نموذجا [رسالة / أطروحة]