AU - فواي، محمد نغوالي AU - طه، عز الدين سعيد علي AB - The main of this research was to evaluate the syllabus of the holy the holy Quran for the form one level students in Zanzibar by knowing the views of the teachers who organized the teaching process of the holy Quran in this level. The most important findings of the researcher are the following: 1) The extended and suitable of the attending the general and specific goals through the syllabus of the holy Quran in this level. 2) The scope contents of the syllabus to achieve the desired goals. 3) The syllabus teaching methods use chalk boards and exercise books as the only method of teaching. 4) The uses of evaluation methods and the extent of its impacts on the achievement of the objectives. The researcher used the descriptive method for data acquisition and analysis and also used the questionnaire as a tool to collect information. The content of the research is comprised of the holy Quran teachers from different schools in Zanzibar island and thirty (30) teachers have been selected both men and women. (Author’s abstract) OP - أ-ق، 111 ص. T1 - تقويم مقرر القرآن الكريم في الصف الأول الثانوي في المدارس الحكومية في زنجبار الجزيرة الحضراء [رسالة / أطروحة]