AU - عبد الله، خالدة عبد AB - There are many advantages to virtual societies, including: exchanging views, learning about other peoples' cultures, as well as being a cross-border means of communication, allowing individuals to make friends from other countries, and a means of organizing cultural and social activities. There are many young people who publish material that is of no importance, but rather, there are many young people who publish articles that are not of any importance. It is harmful, and there is great harm to these sites, the emergence of some words and foreign languages, which is a mixture between Arabic and English omoktobp dialects, mixed with pictures and signals of welcome and start and leave and express feelings. Such languages would weaken the level of Arabic for future generations. (Published Abstract) OP - ص ص. 535-570 T1 - الإتصال والتواصل في المجتمعات الإفتراضية وعلاقتها بأنشطة الإعلام وعلم المعلومات [مقال] UL - النص الكامل (PDF) 1