AU - عبد الرزاق، إحسان عدنان AU - هاتو، سوسن هاشم AB - The strategies of learning refer to the behavior and ideas used by the learner during the learning process. There are two types of learning strategies: the strategy of depth and the other represented by the surface. The student who uses the deep strategy studies hours and takes in detail, by taking advantage of the observations inside the classroom and solving the exercises and duties The study is organized and can be considered the highest form of learning. The surface strategy. Learning is directed towards keeping facts, collecting some parts of information, and focusing students' interest in obtaining high marks. Good learning supports deep learning and vice versa. The problem of research in the learning strategy of students in studying the subjects and the importance of learning strategies in achievement. (Biggs) for the students of the Faculty of Basic Education at Mustansiriya University. In order to achieve the research objective, the researchers adopted the Biggs 2004 scale to measure surface and deep learning. The SPSS program was used to treat The results of the statistical analysis of the data showed statistical differences in surface learning and deep learning according to the Biggs model among the students of the Faculty of Basic Education at Mustansiriya University. In light of the results, the researchers recommended a number of recommendations and suggestions. (Published Abstract) OP - ص ص. 797-814 T1 - إستراتيجيات التعلم (السطحي- العميق) على وفق أنموذج (Biggs) لدى طلبة كلية التربية الأساسية في الجامعة المستنصرية [مقال] UL - النص الكامل (PDF) 1