AU - صباح، عبد الهادي وجيه AU - بركات، زياد AB - This study aimed to construction Holland’s vocational preference scale and adapted on the Palestinian environment, through the verification of sincerity and persistence transactions, check assumptions Hollands theory of vocational preference in relation to sexual differences and specialization semester. For this purpose study was applied to two samples: the exploration sample consisted of (152) students, and the actual sample consisted of (609) students, were chosen members of the two samples at random stratified according to the variables of sex and specialization of high school students in Tulkarm. The results indicated support the validity of Holland’s theory in vocational preference inventory in the Palestinian environment in many ways: face, construction, criterion related and intrinsic validity. But for reliability the result indicated high significance by using ways: test - retest, spilt - half and internal consistency. Also, results showed ratified assumptions discriminatory and predictive between Holland’s theory in vocational preference and six and specialization variables; the male showed more tendency towards the realistic scale, while females showed a greater tendency toward artistic. While regarding the specialization, the results show that the scientific branch students inclined towards the investigation, literary branch students tendency to greater social, but the commercial students branch greater tendency toward enterprising, and the industrial branch students inclined towards the artistic. (Published abstract) OP - ص ص. 221-249 T1 - تقنين مقياس التفضيل المهني لهولاند في البيئة الفلسطينية [مقال] UL - النص الكامل (PDF) 1