AU - خليل، طارق إبراهيم AU - صناع، إيمان محمد AB - The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of using the method of learning texts. Or, in the method of conducting the current study, the students of the fourth stage in the Department of Art Education / Faculty of Basic Education / Diyala University - there are no statistically significant differences at (0,05) in the mean scores of the research group in the tribal and post experimental tests of the theories of artistic creativity. In order to verify the acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis, the number of students (43) was excluded (4) for their previous experience. This negatively affects the results of the research. The final number (39) the sample of the research was taught in accordance with one of the teaching methods approved by the department over the course of (S) (C) study classes and test them as a tribal test, and then teach them according to the method of texts over (six) lots also and test them to serve as a test. After the data were collected from the two tests above and treated statistically by using the t-test for a single test sample with previous and previous tests, the following results were shown: - the post-test scores exceed the pre-test scores of the research group. This means the success of the text method. Students in the art of theories of artistic creativity. (Published Abstract) OP - ص ص. 330-359 T1 - فاعلية استخدام طريقة التعلم بالنصوص لـ (روثكوف) في تحصيل طلبة قسم التربية الفنية لمادة نظريات الإبداع الفني [مقال] UL - النص الكامل (PDF) 1