AU - جعفر، زهرة موسى AU - عبد، عبير عبد علي AB - The current study aims at Knowing: 1) the trend toward immigration university students. 2) The reference of the statistical differences in the trend toward to immigration in accordance to sex (male-female) and specialty (scientific- Humanities). The sample of the study comprises (400) university students (200) males and (200) females chosen randomly. The researcher formulated the measure of (Trends Towards Immigration) which consisted of 30 items. The stability of this measure second (0,82) by the method of Alpha Cronbach. The researcher used the following statistical methods (Pearson's coeffient correlation, T-test of one sample, T-test of two independent tests the implication of two independent tests the implication of the coefficient correlation, the simple linear. The researcher reached to the following conclusions: 1) the sample of the study has a positive effect towards immigration. 2) There is a statistical difference in accordance to sex towards males but not in accordance to specialty. (Published Abstract) OP - ص ص. 1-23 T1 - الإتجاه نحو الهجرة عند طلبة الجامعة [مقال] UL - النص الكامل (PDF) 1