AU - Abood, Rusul Aasim AB - This study deals with collocations in English as well as in Arabic. There are several types of collocations, such as open, restricted and bound, sometimes idioms have the same aspects of collocations but there should be no confusion between them. The aims of the study are: 1) identifying the aspects of collocations in both English and Arabic language as well. 2) Discussing the general usage of collocation in English and Arabic. 3) Investigating the Iraqi EFL university students' performance in using collocations. The study consists of five sections. Section one is devoted to the aims, hypotheses, procedures and limits, of the study. Section two is definitions and types of collocations. Section three is dedicated to the description of meanings, section four the results and finally section five is the conclusions. (Published Abstract) OP - pp. 44-60 T1 - Investigating the performance of Iraqi EFL university students in using collocations [Article] UL - Full text (PDF) 1