AU - حسين، بانقا طه الزبير. AU - المقاطي، حسن بن نوار بن ملحم AB - This study aims at investigating the extent of schools' administrators practice to the process of authorizing powers (mandates) to their deputies from the standpoint of deputies in middle and secondary schools in the province of Al-Taif. The researchers have used descriptive method, and the subject of the study included 354 deputies from which the researchers then randomly selected simple sample of about 120 deputies. Researchers have designed questionnaire for data collection and then analyzed through the program of statistical packages of social sciences (SPSS). The study has revealed a number of important findings such as: administrators of schools practice the process of mandating powers to their deputies in the highest average, challenges that heads of schools encountered in authorizing powers to their deputies was responded with the lower degree. In the light of these findings, the researchers recommended that there must be assurance for the application of power authorization to schools' deputies as well as motivating schools' administrators to mandate powers to their deputies. Also, there ought to be training sessions and workshops for the administrators around the issue of empowerment. (Published Abstract) ID - 128411 OP - ص ص. 689-703 T1 - مدى ممارسة مديري المدارس لتفويض الصلاحيات لوكلائهم من وجهة نظر الوكلاء في المدارس المتوسطة والثانوية بمحافظة الطائف [مقال] UL - 1 النص الكامل (PDF)