AU - لازم ، فاضل عرام. AB - The study tries to establish standard in artistic sense which helping the Musicians (teachers) to give admission for the applicant students in the Institutes of Fine Arts In Iraq. The study aims at: 1) Establishing, as mentioned above, standard in artistic sense for the Admission of musical arts students in Iraq. 2) Applying the proposed standard on the first stages students of Musical Arts Departments in Iraq. More specifically, the study is restricted on the first stages in musical arts Departments and their teachers in Rusafa and Karkh Fine Arts Institutes, Respectively evening and morning studies in Baghdad. The standard samples are implemented on the teaching staffs that have been intentionally chosen from the College of Fine Arts University of Baghdad and Fine Arts Institute in Al_karkh. Whereas, the practical appliance was the questionnaire for collecting the data. The questionnaire Includes 25 items, including 9 for skills field, 10 for scientific, and 6 for cultural ones. The researcher uses the statistical methods to get the results. The StudyAlso reveals many other results and conclusions, and accordingly the Researcher gives his recommendations and suggestions. (Published abstract) ID - 127978 OP - ص ص. 345-366 T1 - بناء معيار في التذوق الفني لقبول طلبة قسم الفنون الموسيقية في معاهد الفنون الجميلة في العراق [مقال] UL - 1 النص الكامل (PDF)