AU - ثامر، ماثل كامل. AB - The present study aims to determine the underlying causes of the weakness enables postgraduate students to choose appropriate statistical methods educational and psychological for their research, and to identify treatments which they can reduce this phenomenon, the study was limited to students who have completed master's and doctoral terms of reference for Educational and Psychological Science study and to those who are still in writing stage and the supervisors of the professors at the universities of Baghdad and the Al Mustansiriya and the years 2012/2013 until 2014/2015. The researcher found through interviews for a number of respondents and provide a questionnaire open to answer them, that there are many reasons for this phenomenon, perhaps in the forefront of the great weaknesses in the background of the students in the educational statistics, since some of them had not been subjected to the study of absolute statistics in previous grades, others its priorities had studied in a simple, and the other reason that he referred to some of the students is a short period in which examines census phase master's or doctorate, which may not exceed one semester, Another reason is the weakness of the same professor who teaches this course (article) for postgraduate students since there is of them specialized for Educational Statistics, and there is another reason which is that some of the educational and psychological disciplines, especially in the doctoral phase are not taught this course, and some of the disciplines in which an optional subject . As for the processors reached by this study was the most important teaching of Educational Statistics in Bachelors Degree of all educational and psychological disciplines stage as well as opening specialization in master's and doctoral study of Educational Statistics, preferably prior to this open study diploma in Statistics psychological and educational measurement, accept the students who have completed majoring in mathematical Statistics university study a prelude to their transfer to study master's degree in educational Statistics، And that is teaching or course Educational Statistics for two semesters for students of master's or doctorate, in all disciplines of Educational and Psychological Sciences, And that the focus in the teaching of this article on how to choose the appropriate statistical means and how to interpret the result use more than how to make, and that does not cost the teaching of Educational Statistics of not specialized in it, and when you are not a specialist offers are assigned to specialized psychological analogy, provided that they have the expertise and efficiency with adequate its purview, and his books or studies in the field of educational Statistics. (Published abstract) ID - 126185 OP - ص ص. 175-192 PB - بغداد الجامعة المستنصرية. كلية التربية 2017 PP - بغداد الجامعة المستنصرية. كلية التربية 2017 SN - 18120380 T1 - ضعف تمكن طلبة الدراسات العليا من تحديد الوسائل الإحصائية المناسبة لبحوثهم التربوية والنفسية : الأسباب والمعالجات [مقال] UL - 1 النص الكامل (PDF) YR - بغداد الجامعة المستنصرية. كلية التربية 2017