AU - أحمد، إيمان أحمد عبد الله. AB - The research aimed to identify the effectiveness of mobile learning in the development of some of the use of e-learning system skills via blackboard which is used by the faculty staff of education college of Jubail in the University of Dammam. To achieve this goal, the researcher had determined the needs of the faculty staff who use the blackboard skills, in light of the aim of the study, the researcher had constructed performance-based assessment for the users of mobile learning, and the training program, as well as achievement test and rubric skills. The sample of the research consisted of (30) members of the teaching faculty staff of different specialties. After the application of the training program on the research sample and conducting statistical calculation by "the Wilcoxon" test, the results showed that there were significant differences between the mean of the scores of the sample on the achievement test and rubric skills between the two applications pre and posttest in favor of the post test, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the training program based on the mobile learning. (Published Abstract) ID - 124845 OP - ص ص. 71-109 T1 - فاعلية التعليم النقال في تنمية بعض مهارات استخدام نظام إدارة التعليم الإلكتروني بلاك بورد (Blackboard) لدى أعضاء هيئة التدريس بكلية التربية بالجبيل - جامعة الدمام [مقال] UL - 1 النص الكامل (PDF)