developing and piloting a framework for studying the alignment of mathematics examinations with the curriculum : the case of lebanon

This research aimed at developing a methodological framework to investigate the alignment of the Lebanese national math exam tests with the curriculum at the middle school level, during the transitory period of a major curricular reform. The focus is on exploring the characteristics of an "assessment culture" set by the national exams during the long life of the old curriculum. A framework for analyzing non-objective type tests is developed and piloted. The study considered a sample of 3 model tests reflecting the analyzed curriculum, and 11 official exam tests administered over the last 6 years of its life. The 2 sets of exams were analyzed and compared. It was found that the official tests have a stable structure in format and in content, and involve a limited set of topics that determine a "mini-curriculum". The results showed discrepancies between the official and the model tests, indicating lack of alignment. (Eric: Author)