students' acceptance of file sharing systems as a tool for sharing course materials : the case of google drive

Students' perceptions about both ease of use and usefulness are fundamental factors in determining their acceptance and successful use of technology in higher education. File sharing systems are one of these technologies and can be used to manage and deliver course materials and coordinate virtual teams. The aim of this study is to explore how Google Drive is accepted as a system for handling course materials and uncover the factors that influence and contribute to students' intentions to use it. The research approach is based on the technology acceptance model (TAM). The participants for this study comprised 119 students at Sultan Qaboos University. The Students' Acceptance of Google Drive Questionnaire was develop by the author based on the TAM. The results indicated that students perceived Google Drive as an easy-to-use and useful system for storing and sharing course materials, and they favored its use in university teaching. The results of a multiple regression analysis confirmed that students' prior experience with Google Drive is a good predictor of students' perceived ease of use and usefulness. In addition, perceived ease of use and usefulness significantly influenced attitudes toward the system and behavioral intentions to use Google Drive. (As Provided)