towards connected learning in lebanon

This report on the tertiary education for young Syrian refugees in Iraq is part of a broader regional study commissioned by UNESCO. The project aims to assess the impact of the conflict in Syria and the results of the crisis on tertiary education in host countries, including Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. This report presents the findings of an investigation that aims to identify major lines of action in tertiary education in emergencies, namely, legal frameworks and policies implemented by key actors within the sector, and it gives insights into the current status of tertiary education for Syrian refugees and displaced persons in Iraq. The report employs a qualitative approach and intends to explore and understand the challenges and opportunities for Syrian refugee students in accessing tertiary education. The study’s findings underline the understanding of the vital role of tertiary education in improving living conditions and giving a sense of hope for the future in the context of protracted situations. The results show that the large number of refugees, who have changed the national demographics within the country, present a challenge for the state and local communities in meeting the needs of both the refugees and the host communities. Several of these challenges pertaining to the education sector are: (1) legal issues including lack of accreditation and citizenship alongside restrictive hostn country policies, (2) ignorance of university application procedures or lack of academic and career guidance which provide pathways to the labor market or further education, and (3) financial shortcomings. The demand continues to far outstrip the opportunities available. The study offers policy and program recommendations to decision- and policymakers for the national and international communities, national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), donors, education stakeholders and other institutions with the overall goal to improve and guide further practice and research in supporting displaced persons in protracted situations to access tertiary education. (Publisher's Abstract)