call-based teaching methods and current assessment practices : the mismatch between call-based teaching and current assessment practices in algeria

In recent years, the field of education has noticed a significant change in the teaching way. Most learners and teachers are favoring Computer Assisted Language learning and teaching methods due to the emergence and quick development of technology. The use of CALL-based teaching has become an inevitable teaching methodology because of its various advantages. This paper investigates the overlap between the CALL-based teaching methods and the current assessment practices at the University of Badji Mokhtar, Algeria. For this purpose, one questionnaire was administered with 15 EFL learners, to investigate their perceptions regarding the current assessment practices and inquire about how they wish to be assessed in a CALL-based classroom. For more validity, an interview was held with10 EFL teachers to examine their attitudes towards the current assessment practices and what might be more effective for assessing learners in a CALL-based classroom. The findings reveal that both teachers and learners are unsatisfied with the current assessment practices and proclaim an important overlap between CALL-based teaching methods and the currents assessment practices. Furthermore, the results denote some suggestions for future assessment practices. (Published abstract)