students' perceptions of edmodo and mobile learning and their real barriers towards them

The present research aims to investigate the students' perceptions levels of Edmodo and Mobile learning and to identify the real barriers of them at Taibah University in KSA. After implemented Edmodo application as an Mlearning platform, two scales were applied on the research sample, the first scale consisted of 36 statements was constructed to measure students' perceptions towards Edmodo and M-learning, and the second scale consisted of 17 items was constructed to determine the barriers of Edmodo and M-learning. The scales were distributed on 27 students during the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014. Findings indicated that students' perceptions of Edmodo and Mobile learning is in "High" level in general, and majority of students have positive perceptions towards Edmodo and Mobile learning since they think that learning using Edmodo facilitates and increases effectiveness communication of learning, and they appreciate Edmodo because it save time. Regarding the barriers of Edmodo and Mobile learning that facing several students seem like normal range, however, they were facing a problem of low mobile battery, and storing large files in their mobile phones, but they do not face any difficulty to enter the information on small screen size of mobile devices. Finally, it is suggested adding a section for M-learning in the universities to start application of M-learning and prepare a visible and audible guide for using of M-learning in teaching and learning. (As Provided)